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It's International Networking week! In today’s global workplace, winning trust and building relationships in different cultures and countries is on everyone’s agenda. Networking confidently and profitably in foreign lands is a vital skill that must be mastered for international business success.

Of course, there's no subsitute for just getting out there and doing it. But with online networking tools like LinkedIn and Twitter, it's easy to ask a few people and do some research before you venture out. So we asked a few of the world's experienced networkers for their tips on networking and building relationships in cross-cultural situations. Here's some of the great answers they came up with:

You've been to networking events, mixers, business lunches etc. You've done the networking thing - swapping business cards, shaking hands, asking questions and looking for opportunities. And you've perhaps joined an online network of one kind or another, hoping your networking world will change for the better.

But people misunderstand the whole networking thing. Whether online or offline, people get it wrong. They make mistakes. Here are 20 of the biggest networking howlers and biggest networking mistakes you've seen people make, online or offline...

Networking is simply talking and listening, On a deeper level, it's asking and answering questions. We know the best networkers ask different and better questions. Knowledge is power. If you're going to sell, connect and buy, you need to know stuff. So we're asking here about great questions.

  • What's the best question you've ever been asked in a conversation with a stranger? Could be a social or business situation.
  • What's your best question that you ask in networking situations to find out what you need to know about people and sitations?

These could be questions to open people up, help them, increase trust and rapport or move people towards a sale. We've got 21 answers from our GNC community right here for you, so read more!

Word of mouth is the lifeblood for almost all businesses. Networkers crave it. Marketers strive for it. Personal brands try to create it. Companies big and small derive sales and profit from it. So what's your number one top tip to get people talking about you?

Whether you're a one man band, entrepreneur and self-employed professional, or an employed corporate executive, you need good press. You need the right people saying the right things about you.

So how do you create a buzz, a conversation, a mouth to mouth campaign with you at the heart of it? Check out these 30 great tips submitted by top networkers, business people and experts to see how you can really get people talking about you!


Everybody knows it's the biggest networking crime - to attend an event or make a connection, and not follow up. Whether it's a call or email or something different, the networking follow up is a critical part of the process. You can waste lots of precious time by blindly going from one event to the other and ignoring the contacts you've made. You can also get wrapped up into developing more and more online contacts without going deeper with your existing ones.

So here are 21 of the best tips for the networking following up. Strategies and ideas for keeping in touch with your contacts so they know who you are, remember you, want to likewise build the relationship and perhaps even buy from you or refer you. These are contributed by great networkers around the world - perhaps you're one of them...

Most people have some idea about how to work a room and talk to people in a face to face situation. But when it comes to connecting and building relationships online, the rules change a little.

So forget good handshakes and eye to eye contact. We're talking about the world of online networking. Here are the top qualities, attributes, qualities, characteristics of the best online networkers. Which ones would you add?

Some people give networking a bad name! They deliberately or accidentally misunderstand the process, the etiquette, the people they meet and the situation. Some of the biggest mistakes and annoyances come from people who think they are God's gift to the networking world.

So what annoys you about networking? Could be about events, people, the process, the follow up...anything! Here are some great answers from great networkers across the globe. You can add yours too with a comment.

Your business card is sometimes all that's left of you after you've met somebody. It's also part of your personal impact and your first impression. It's something that will help people remember you or forget you!

Your business card is your calling card, your pocket-sized advertising billboard and an extension of your personal brand. So how can you make the very most of this precious 'networking real estate'?

Here are some great tips from real live networkers and business people about what makes a great business card...